• Charging the Jury
    In jury trials, juries are the fact finders or trier of fact.  It is the jury’s responsibility to sort through disputed accounts presented in evidence before coming to a decision during deliberation at the end of the trial.  The judge decides questions of law, i.e., how the law applies to […]
  • The Civil Justice System: Supporting Women’s Health
    The civil justice system plays a key role in women’s health that many people are unaware of.  Access to the civil justice system makes women’s health safer and helps keep corporate misconduct in check when regulators of medical devices have been unwilling to rank the health of women above financial […]
  • Keyless Ignition Starts Trouble
    A lawsuit seeking an injunction requiring automakers to install automatic shut-off features on all existing and future vehicles sold with keyless ignitions was filed in Los Angeles on August 26, 2015 against ten of the world’s biggest automakers. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford are some of the automakers […]
  • The Essure System : Evaluating The Contraceptive Device
    The Essure System was approved and marketed as a non-incisional approach to permanent birth control by the FDA on November 4, 2002.  The Essure procedure involves placing a small, flexible device called a micro-insert into each of your fallopian tubes.  The inserts are made from polyester fibers and metals (nickel-titanium […]