• Charging the Jury
    In jury trials, juries are the fact finders or trier of fact.  It is the jury’s responsibility to sort through disputed accounts presented in evidence before coming to a decision during deliberation at the end of the trial.  The judge decides questions of law, i.e., how the law applies to […]
    Update: Genesis in Milford, DE has “Dozens of COVID-19 cases” according to Delaware State News (4/15/20). According to the article, 55 residents and 13 employees have tested positive for the disease. https://delawarestatenews.net/coronavirus/report-dozens-of-covid-19-cases-at-genesis-care-center-in-milford/ The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (“CMS”) has already begun its investigation of nursing homes for violations related […]
  • Firestone and Ford: The Sometimes Lethal Combination
    From 1992-1998 there were 21 cases reported by State Farm Insurance to National Highway Safety Traffic Administration regarding automobile collisions involving tread separation on Firestone ATX tires.  Fourteen of those vehicles reported were Ford Explorers and wore Firestone ATX tires. By 1999, there were 30 more cases reported.  The toll […]
  • The July Effect: An Urban Myth?
    U.S. doctors start their residencies (in hospital training) each July 1 in thousands of “teaching hospitals” nationwide. In 2012 the influx was noted as nearly 37,000 interns and other trainees. The result? An abundance of current teams of experienced residents leave “teaching hospitals” and are replaced by trainees fresh out […]